The internship program is designed to enable participants know more about a chosen area of interest. Participant(s) who have taken at least one specialization in Real Estate Business Course (REBC) training are eligible for this program. Duration is for two(2) to three(3) months and above. 


This program focuses entirely on you, your chosen area of practice, vision, your personal productivity in the ever competitive real estate market. It is more suited to participants who want to start something new and require expert’s support and hand-holding to help overcome inertia. You will be exposed to core entrepreneurial strategies that will provide them the fundamentals needed to create a thriving real estate. Participants must have taken at least 2 specializations to be eligible. Duration is 3 months.


Formation of a team of well experienced people selected to give you advise and act like your sounding board you can bounce ideas off. They meet with you quarterly or more frequently as you may desire and are signed to confidentiality and Non-disclosure terms. The strength, size and frequency of team’s meeting will be as you can afford. They do not own shares in your organisation but can later do if you both so desire. Duration is three (3) to six (6) months. 


At the School of Estate and Business, our mentorship program cuts across two main areas: Real Estate Entrepreneurs Academy (REEA) and Alumni Forum. Real Estate Entrepreneurs’ Academy (REEA) is our ultimate mentorship programme anchored by Engr. ‘Debo Adejana, the Director of Studies himself. Class size is limited to 12 people only at any particular time. Duration is twelve (12) months. The Alumni forum is coordinated and supported via a social media App Group (WhatsApp/Telegram) and are expected to attend an annually held Real Estate Entrepreneurs Conference which serves as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) structured to help alumni continue to develop and improve their entrepreneurial practice and network. 


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