Unlocking Real Estate Opportunities with Lagos State’s $100 Million African Film City

The Lagos State Government has recently launched a groundbreaking project that is generating significant excitement within the entertainment industry and beyond. The grandiose Kebulania Film City project, with a budget of $100 million, is set to revolutionize Nigeria's film and entertainment landscape. This ambitious initiative not only highlights the government’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation but also presents a lucrative opportunity for business and real estate investors.


 Key Insights from the Kebulania Film City Initiative:


1. A $100 Million Investment:

The Kebulania project represents a substantial $100 million investment, marking a significant milestone in the entertainment industry. This financial commitment underscores the Lagos State Government's dedication to transforming the region into a hub for creativity and innovation, promising a high return on investment for those involved.


2. Strategic Location in Epe:

Situated in the picturesque area of Epe, Lagos State, the film city spans over 100 hectares of land. Epe’s serene environment and stunning landscape offer an ideal setting for creative endeavors, while its location within Lagos State ensures accessibility and connectivity. This development positions Epe as a focal point for growth, attracting both national and international attention.


3. State-of-the-Art Studios:

Kebulania Film City will feature cutting-edge film studios designed to meet global standards. The first set of studios is expected to be completed within 24 months of groundbreaking, ensuring rapid progress and early benefits for the industry. This swift development timeline signals the project's potential to quickly become a cornerstone of the entertainment sector.


4. Complementary Developments by Silverbird Group:

In addition to Kebulania, the Silverbird Group has announced plans to build a world-class studio complex and film academy on eight acres in Eko Atlantic City. This $140 million project, supported by a transaction with AfreximBank in November 2022, adds to Lagos State’s burgeoning entertainment infrastructure, further enhancing the region’s attractiveness for industry professionals.


5. Elevating Epe’s Profile:

The rise of planned cities in Epe is set to boost the area’s profile, driving economic growth and enhancing the quality of life. This aligns with the broader trend of planned cities across Africa, which are becoming epicenters of development and innovation.


 Real Estate Opportunities


The Lagos State Government's commitment to the Kebulania Film City project is a clear indicator of the area's growth potential. For those in the real estate sector, this venture presents a golden opportunity. As Epe and its surroundings develop, the demand for residential and commercial properties is poised to soar. Here’s how you can capitalize on this:


- Residential Developments: With an influx of professionals working in the entertainment industry, there will be a high demand for rental apartments and homes. Investing in residential properties can yield significant returns.


- Commercial Spaces: Production companies and related businesses will require office spaces, studios, and commercial facilities. Developing commercial properties to cater to these needs can be highly profitable.


- Hospitality Ventures: The expected increase in visitors and industry professionals will create a need for hotels, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Investing in hospitality can tap into this growing market.



The Lagos State Government's $100 million African Film City in Epe is not just a visionary initiative set to reshape the entertainment landscape; it is also a beacon of opportunity for business and real estate investors. As the film city takes shape and planned cities flourish in Epe, now is the time to seize the opportunity and be part of Lagos State's exciting growth story. Your investment can play a pivotal role in transforming both your real estate ventures and the vibrant Epe region.

By aligning with this transformative project, you position yourself at the forefront of a dynamic industry, poised for substantial growth and profitability. Embrace this opportunity and contribute to the future of Lagos State.