Programme’s 2023 Outlook as School of Estate celebrates the successful completion of her Real Estate Business Course 53rd Stream

After 53 sessions of consistently impacting and birthing major Real Estate Entrepreneurs in about 15 years of the initiative and thousands of real estate enthusiasts, beginners and established players from different parts of globe trained, School of Estate is glad to celebrate the end of 2022 calendar year training and announce some exciting add-ons to the trainings in the forthcoming year.

On Wednesday, December 14, 2022 -- School of Estate®, creators of the Real Estate Business Course, Real Estate Entrepreneurs’ Fast Track Course, Sell Like A Machine (SLAM) among other high-impacting, business sector specific  Real Estate training Courses, had the last graduation for 2022. Arc. Tolu - Bawa- Allah of PRINDEX, a development company of over 15 years was specially invited and facilitated a very robust Case Study session during the graduation. The Industry expert shed insights on what the real estate  industry is in practical terms and what has worked for him so far. Some Alumni members attended to celebrate with the graduands, shared their experiences after taking the programme in School of Estate and how it has influenced their industry journey. As usual, networking among all present and the Question and Answer session anchored by the Case Study facilitator was very rich and helped Arc. Tolu Bawa-Allah better address any real world concerns.

Graduands were able to gain real time  information necessary for their practice as real estate entrepreneurs in sales, investment and development. The graduation ceremony was nothing short of the glam that such event should have and participants testified of the benefits of the training received during  the programme and the fact that they have started applying them with great value.  As it always happens when participants conclude the programme, they confirmed that course fees compared to value feels like a give-away and they feel seriously indebted to recommend the programme and refer to some of their contacts. The quality of every single facilitator, means and style of delivery, the entrepreneurial nature of the content, combination of fun and learning remains unmatched in the industry.


In the forthcoming year, the School of Estate informed that the industry should expect improvements in existing programmes and expansion of offerings to include other courses; online, in-person and virtual options to help with continuous improvement in the business of real estate . New Courses like Construction Management, Property Management, Facility management, Pricing, and many more will be introduced in the new year. For these reasons and much more, the investible sum (price) per course shall be reviewed up in the new year.

“We are very proud of all the Real Estate Entrepreneurs that attended our School of Estate in 2022 and we would like to take this chance to thank them for their commitment as well  as for their support during each phase of the process. Over the years to date, more than ten(10) thousand participants have taken in various forms of training  from all over the country and abroad. The School of Estate has been a great stepping stone for quite a number to successfully kick start and manage their real estate business and in 2023 we are looking to expand in such a way that more people can participate from outside of Lagos or even Nigeria.” – Founder, ‘Debo Adejana.


What you can Benefit from the Trainings:


• Fast track your career in real estate

• Learn the inside secrets of how to become a real estate pro in the shortest time possible

• Study a real estate course that was designed in conjunction with the real estate industry

• Get value beyond your environment, explore the virtual or online learning option.  

• Have access to possible lifetime mentorship.

Our course content and learning experience ensure that your course is relevant, extensive, impactful and interesting.


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